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Development Plan Review

Stage 1: Pre Draft Development Plan Preparation (COMPLETE)

To initiate Stage 1 of the Plan making process, the Council prepared an Issues Paper to present a broad overview of the main issues for consideration in this review process. The intention of the Issues Paper is to present a number of key questions to prompt debate on the issues facing County Cavan.

Strategic Issues Paper

Please click here to view the ISSUES PAPER

Public Consultation Events

Cavan County Council held six public consultation events throughout the County as part of this stage. 

Talk to Us Campaign

Cavan County Council held a campaign whereby members of the public had the opportunity to speak to a member of the forward planning team on a one to one basis. 


Cavan County Council produced and published an information video for this stage.

Chief Executive Report on Pre Draft Consultation

The Chief Executive Report on the Pre-draft Consultation Phase of the CDP was issued to Elected Members on the 8th October 2020.  The Chief Executive’s Report on the Pre-Draft Consultation Report summarises the submissions and outlines the Chief Executive’s Policy Recommendations on all relevant submissions received.

Please click here to view the Chief Executive's Report on the Pre-Draft Consultation Stage of the Draft Cavan County Development Plan incorporating a Local Area Plan for Cavan Town 2022-2028.

Please click here to see Stage 1 Submissions

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