Be Winter Ready

Be Winter Ready

Winter, and the associated severe weather that it brings, can present challenging conditions at home, at work, and on our roads. The Government has provided an online resource at, which contains valuable information on how you can prepare for, and stay safe during, the winter months.

A revised 2021 edition of the 'Be Winter-Ready' booklet has been prepared as part of the Government of Ireland initiative to assist households in preparing for winter while also living with the impacts of COVID-19. For up to date information please see

Everyday tasks are already more difficult and now we need to prepare for the winter, including possible severe weather events. By taking some simple steps we can all reduce the impact of such events and cope with them when they actually happen.

While we get winter ready, remember, even when fully vaccinated, to wash your hands regularly, maintain social distancing, wear face coverings as required, follow proper sneeze/cough etiquette and download the COVID Tracker App. It is also important to know the symptoms of COVID-19. If you have any symptoms, stay at home and ring your GP.

This booklet includes contact details for organisations and agencies that can provide further guidance and assistance. The booklet is published by the Office of Emergency Planning on behalf of the Government Task Force on Emergency Planning.

More information and useful links are available on the website, Tá leagan Gaeilge den leabhrán seo ar fáil freisin.

The main message during the winter months is simple - Be Prepared, Stay Safe and know where to find help should you need it.


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