What is LEADER?

LEADER promotes sustainable development in Europe’s rural areas addressing economic, social and environmental concerns. LEADER was designed to aid the development of sustainable rural communities following the reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy and is funded under Priority 6 of the Rural Development Programme 2014 – 2020 by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.  The Department of Rural and Community Development is the programme manager for LEADER and Pobal supports the Department.

The LEADER Programme is a community led local development approach that involves the participation of rural communities in developing local responses to key economic, environmental and social challenges identified in their area.  Cavan Local Community Development Committee (LCDC) has responsibility for the delivery of LEADER 2014-2020 throughout the county.  The key implementation partner is Breffni Integrated CLG. During the period of the programme, LEADER funding will be invested in qualifying innovative community and private enterprise projects in County Cavan.  The financial partner for the delivery of LEADER 2014-2020 is Cavan County Council.

Decisions on LEADER funding are made at a local level by a Local Action Group (LAG), through the framework of a Local Development Strategy (LDS) which is a plan developed by rural communities to support sustainable development of their area.  A LAG is made up of people from the local community as well as from the local public and private sector.

€8,522,285.84 was allocated to County Cavan for LEADER 2014-2020 which is fully committed. Additional Transitional Programme budget of €1,307,396.00 was added for projects from 2020-2022

LEADER 2022-2028 funding details to be announced shortly

The themes under which funding has been allocated in the past have been:

  • Theme 1: Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Job Creation.
    • Rural Tourism, Enterprise Development, Rural Towns & Broadband
  • Theme 2: Social inclusion.
    • Basic Services targeted at hard to reach communities, Rural Youth
  • Theme 3: Rural Environment
    • Protection and sustainable use of water resources, Local Biodiversity, Renewable energy.


  • The rate of aid for commercial type projects is up to 50% of the total cost of the project to a maximum of €200,000.
  • Rates of aid for community type projects is up to 75% of the total cost of the project to a maximum of €200,000 (under the sub-theme Basic Services for hard to reach communities a community rate of up to 90% may be available).
  • Analysis and Development rates of aid are up to 75% of the total cost of the project for Private and 90% of the total cost for Community to a maximum of €30,000 in both cases.
  • The rate of aid for Training for private and community projects is up to 100% to a maximum of €200,000.

How to apply for LEADER funding:

To apply, click on this link to be directed to the Local Development Company  Breffni Integrated Ltd: https://www.ccld.ie/apply-for-leader-funding

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Procurement and other Rules apply to funding received through the Leader Programme:


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