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Surface Water Quality

Surface Water Quality

Surface Water Functions

It is the responsibility of Cavan County Council to carry out testing on the surface water quality of the rivers and lakes which are located in County Cavan.

To ensure that this is carried out correctly, by law Cavan County Council have to provide the following functions:

  • Monitoring the water quality of Cavan’s rivers and lakes.
  • The licensing and monitoring of wastewater discharges to surface / ground waters and sewers.
  • The monitoring of agricultural and industrial activities that have an effect on water quality.
  • The promotion of "best practice" in the storage and disposal of agricultural, industrial and domestic wastewaters.

Surface Water Monitoring

It is the responsibility of Environmental Management to organise and carry out extensive environmental monitoring of the rivers and lakes throughout County Cavan.

In addition to monitoring 120 river stations and 27 lake stations there are also monitoring programmes in place for the following:

  • Discharges from sewage treatment works.
  • Discharges from licensed facilities which includes:
    • Discharges to the sewer network.
    • Discharges to waters.
  • Drinking water quality of public supplies.
  • The quality of raw water sources used for drinking water and Group Water Schemes.
  • Dangerous substances.
  • Nitrates in groundwater’s.

How do I make a complaint about water pollution?

Even though we carry out extensive monitoring, we also depend on the public to provide us with information about any possible water pollution incidents.

If you have a water pollution complaint that you would like to tell us about, please provide details of your complaint by taking a look at the following

Surface Water Reports

The following reports show in detail the results from the surface water quality of the rivers and lakes which are located in County Cavan.

Previous Years

 If you would like further information about the surface water quality reports which we publish on our website, please feel free to get in touch using the following details:

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