Can I consult with the Planning Authority in advance?

Yes, this is referred to as a pre-planning consultation and can be requested by completing the online form

Pre-Planning Application Service

The Planning and Development Act 2000 as amended provides the facility for pre application consultation. 

The pre-planning application online form should be fully completed with supporting documentation

The following information should be submitted as part of the online application form:


  • Name and address of applicant 
  • Address/townland of site
  • Site location map: scale 1:2500 within the proposed site outline 
  • Description of proposed development 
  • Approximate size of site 
  • Legal interest in site, i.e. owner/purchaser


  1. Have maps, layouts and photographs of proposals been presented. The location should be identified on an Ordnance Survey base.
  2. List the relevant details associated with the site (eg landscape classification; adjoining properties; archaeological item etc.)
  3. List the relevant policies/objectives of the development plan associated with the proposal (eg Rural Housing Policy, Multiple Housing with control points). 
  4. List the applicants'/agents' items for clarification in relation to the policies/ objectives above (eg possible obstructiveness, impact on privacy/overlooking adjoining property).  

Please note:

• Site visits are not conducted for pre-planning queries for single houses. 

• Pre-planning consultations are not provided where a site is up for sale.

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